Add Your Connection Details

Pre connection points to consider: 

  • If you're new to Omnivore, simply select Amazon Marketplace during the sign up process after installing the Omnivore app and follow the prompts.
  • Existing Omnivore Customers adding Amazon into Omnivore follow the steps below.
  • You will have to be logged into your Amazon AU Marketplace Account and you will also need to access/login to Omnivore to complete this process.

  1. Omnivore needs a Seller ID and MWS Auth Token to connect to Amazon. If you do not have a seller account please click here -
  2. If you do have these credential you will need them to add them into Omnivore.
  3. Click here for more steps on how to find the auth token and seller id in Amazon.
  4. Once you have your Seller ID and Auth Token navigate to Settings - Amazon - General in Omnivore.
  5. At the top of the page enter the ID and Token information into the relevant fields, we recommend using copy and paste.
  6. Click Authorise Now.

You will be redirect to this page after you click Authorise Now.

Once confirmed you will be redirected back to Omnivore

Test Your Connection

The check connection button tests the connection from Omnivore to My Amazon.  If you do get an error check the credentials and repeat the steps above.

Next Steps

Follow this link here and click on Amazon Setup to view the documentation and continue the Omnivore to Amazon setup process.

More relevant reading regarding Amazon setup and connection can be found below: