Add Your Connect Details

If you have more than one eBay account, you will have to pay extra attention to the authorisation process in order to avoid linking your Omnivore account to the wrong eBay account.  If you only have 1 eBay account then you may skip steps 1 & 2 below.  The steps are listed below with corresponding screen captures.

  1. Logout of eBay.
  2. Close all browser windows. You are not logged out completely from the eBay authorisation server until all browser windows are closed.
  3. Alternatively, use a different browser than the one you usually use to access eBay. 
  4. Login to Omnivore by launching the App from your ecommerce store.
  5. From the Omnivore Dashboard click "Connect to eBay".
  6. Alternatively, go to Settings, eBay Australia, General click "Authorise Now"
  7. You will see a page titled "Important Note" that contains these very steps. Click "Continue to eBay"
  8. You will see the eBay login page. If you don't see the eBay login page, you have not correctly done the steps 1 & 2 above. Login to eBay making sure you use the correct account
  9. You will see a page asking you to grant application access for Omnivore. Click "I agree"
  10. You will then see a page confirming the success of the authorisation process and what eBay account you have authorised. Please make sure again that you have connected the correct eBay account.
  11. Click "Continue" and you will return to the Dashboard or the Settings page, depending on where you started the authorisation process.

If you have connected the wrong account, you can re-start the authorisation from the Settings page. Make sure you completely logout from eBay as mentioned at steps 1 & 2.  Also click 'Delete Authorisation' first then click Authorise Now again.

Step 4:

Step 6 

Step 7

Step 8 & 9

Step 11

Test The Connection

If you want to be sure you have connected correctly you can check the check the eBay Username is correct and then click Check Connection on the Settings, General

Next Steps

Follow this link and click on eBay Setup to view the documentation and continue the Omnivore to eBay Australia setup process.