Using the weight data from the products in your eCommerce platform means you can offer different shipping charges for products based on the weight.

To set up weight based shipping you will need to: 

Step 1: Make sure your products have weights in your ecommerce platform.

Step 2: Create a product group in Omnivore. A product group is a group of products based on a criteria, in this case the criteria is a minimum and maximum weight. 

Step 3: Create a shipping policy (also known as a shipping class on Onceit) in Omnivore under Settings - Onceit - Shipping - Add Policy.

Step 4: Add the cost for the shipping configuration in your Onceit Marketplace seller portal under Shipping settings.

Step 5: Update your product listings to the Onceit Marketplace by clicking Upload to Onceit.

Step 1: Product Weights

  • Each product must have a weight in your ecommerce platform and it is usually added in kilograms. To check that Omnivore has imported your weights, go to Products - On Onceit. In the table of products there is a column called 'Weight'.
  • Magento users: In Omnivore, go to 'Settings - Feeds - General'. Scroll down and click the 'Map Fields' button. Ensure that the Magento weight field is showing in the Omnivore weight field.

Step 2: Create Product Groups in Omnivore

  • Go to Products - Product Groups - Click 'Add a product group'
  • Add a name and use the criteria Min and Max weight. In this example, we are putting all products that weigh between 1 and 5kg into a product group.
  • Click 'Create Product Group'

  • To check if a product has been assigned to a product group, go to 'Products - On Onceit. Find the product and click through to the page that provides the full product details. Scroll down to the box 'Onceit Product View' and you will see a list of Product Groups that the product is assigned to.

Step 3: Create the shipping policy

  • Go to Settings - Onceit - Shipping then click 'Add new shipping policy'
  • In the 'Shipping Policy Name' drop down, select the shipping class (as they appear in Onceit) that you want these products to use, for example for products that are less than 5kg, you could use the 'Small' from Onceit.  See screen capture two below.
  • Select the product group you want to use then click 'Update'.

Step 4: Set up Shipping Charges in Onceit

  • Login to the Onceit Marketplace Seller Portal. 
  • Go to 'My Account - Settings - click the Shipping Configuration tab' in the top navigation bar
  • Next to the zone you want to edit (eg North Island) click edit shipping charges.
  • Edit the price next to the corresponding Shipping Class, using the example above for 1-5kg you could use 'Small'.
  • Note you need to set the price for every zone.
  • See the Onceit Shipping Grid Configuration link below for more information.

** This link here directs to the Onceit support article that outlines the steps required. (it may prompt you to log in).

Step 5: Update your product listings on Onceit

  • Once you have completed the set up within Omnivore and Onceit, go to the Omnivore Dashboard and click 'Upload to Onceit ' to update the shipping config to your listings.