You do not process cancelled or refunded orders in Omnivore. If a customer requires a refund, you will need to manage this via the Onceit Seller Portal.

The documentation for this can be found by following this FAQ bread crumb when logged in to the portal under Onceit Documentation.

Documentation > Managing orders, after sales and customer care > Managing orders > Canceling orders 

The Process

Managing cancelled Onceit orders and refunds can be understood by reading more info here.

If you cancel an order or mark it as refunded in your eCommerce system, the status of the order will also update in Omnivore but it will not process any refunds and it will not update the order within Onceit.

How to mark the order as 'Refunded' in Omnivore

  1. Open Omnivore
  2. Go to 'Orders' in the left-hand navigation
  3. Find the order and click through to the page which holds all the order information
  4. Click the 'Mark as refunded' button on the top of the order page
  5. Making this change in Omnivore does not edit the order status in the marketplace.