Overview on Product Attributes

The Onceit Marketplace requires sellers to supply attributes for some products and listings.  When using Omnivore as a listing tool there are steps you will need to follow in order to add these attribute values to your products.  The attributes you add in Omnivore will be sent to Onceit.   

This can be achieved by using two simple methods in Omnivore.  Add attributes at the Product Level or Bulk Map at the Category Level. 

An error you may see in this case would be similar to this:  

1000|The attribute 'bed_size' (Bed Size) is required,1000|The attribute 'material' (Material) is required

Step by step process

  1. Log in to Omnivore and navigate to Products, On Onceit, then click the Marketplace Attribute Tab. After you click this tab please note the page can take several seconds to load due to the content/data type.
  2. On this page you can see two buttons that say Products or Categories; you can add Attributes at the product level using the input text or drop down options on this page, note you will need to scroll left to right to see all of the fields. See below.
  3. On this page by default the 'Only Show Products missing required attributes' option will be ticked.
  4. The fields in Red can be populated by selecting a drop down option.
  5. If you want to see more products with attributes untick the required box and click search.
  6. You can assign Attributes to products that are in a certain Marketplace Category.   To use this method you toggle using the Categories button and then click on 'bulk map'.
  7. Please note the filter options for best use.
  8. In this example I will add attributes to the 6 products in the Bedside Table Category.
  9. Click Bulk Map to view all of the marketplace attributes you can select based on that category.  In some cases you will need to scroll down the page, the attribute types are listed in alphabetical order.
  10. Under the set a default value column you can select a value from the dropdown or you can type in a free text value.
  11. Complete your fields as needed, click the green tick to confirm your entry, you do not have to hit save or update on this page.  Click the back button.
  12. Continue to bulk map based on category OR toggle back to products and apply your attribute values at the product level.
  13. To push an immediate change to Onceit click Upload from the Onceit Tab on the Dashboard.  
  14. If not the new attribute data will sync in the next marketplace feed.

Overview on Marketplace Attribute Mappings

In addition to the above function that covers applying attribute values at the Product and Category level, Onceit may also require attribute mapping that is pushed to the marketplace via the feed configuration.  

This tool and function is 'admin only' so only the Omnivore Support team can do this for you.  In most cases this is setup at the onboarding stage.

How will you know if you need to set 'Marketplace attribute mappings' in Omnivore?

You will see a specific type of validation error on the products page in Omnivore and your products will not list on Onceit.

The error will mention a variant or attribute type e.g. it may mention size, gender, material etc.

If you think you are affected by this please contact your Onceit Account Manager or our Support Team, we will complete the below field for you.

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