Shopify Metafields can be used to hold URL links for your Iconic Images. 

Note: Your images must be uploaded and hosted on a secure server and have a https URL. Dropbox and shared file hosting servers cannot be used.

You can follow this article on how to upload images to your Shopify server and copy the URL to the relevant metafield you have created in Shopify.

More general information on setting up Shopify Metafields refer to this article.

Shopify Metafields for Images

We have provided some steps below to assist with this setup in Shopify itself.  We do recommend referring to Shopify documentation as the best up to data source.

These will also help:


When using Shopify Metafields for your Iconic images you need to create both 'Product' and 'Variant' metafields.  The product metafields will be used to hold your product level images and the variant metafields will be used to hold any variant specific images.

We are using theiconic marketplace as our example, but this applies to all marketplaces.

When you create the new metafields it would be a good idea to use the namespace of Iconic and then the key as Image1, Image2 etc.  We would recommend the following type of naming:

Product Images:





Variant Images:





When creating the variant metafield specify the content type as 'Text' and 'Single Line Text'

Once the product and variant metafields are created (for the number of images you would like to store) you can then add the links in the metafields on your shopify product page.  Product metafields are shown at the bottom of the product edit page and variant metafields can be found by clicking edit on the variant.

Then copy the image urls into the metafields as shown .  

Using the images in Omnivore

We recommend reading this FAQ, specifically the last section on Using Shopify Metafields for Images

It has extra information on the options available to you.