Our Marketplaces

The most current list of marketplaces that we connect to can be found here.

If you are interested in a marketplace and it is not our this list please reach out to our sales and support team.  See below.

Before you connect & marketplace setup

You must have an active and approved Marketplace Account to successfully integrate Omnivore to a marketplace.   You will need to make direct contact with the marketplace to complete this process.   The articles mentioned below can assist with this process.

You can add the Marketplace configuration within Omnivore and begin the setup within the app.  However you won't be able to connect from Omnivore to a marketplace and be ready to start selling until the marketplace team have approved your actual account.

How many marketplaces should I setup at one time

Once you have installed Omnivore you can add marketplaces to your account.  We recommend adding one marketplace at a time and completing set on each marketplace before adding more.

When you add a new marketplace in Omnivore it will be in Setup Mode which means you are not yet feeding, updating or syncing with a marketplace.

Other relevant articles

General Marketplace Integration

Before you get started.