Sometimes the connection from Omnivore to the Marketplace stops working and needs to be reconnected. This article will help you understand and resolve connection issues.  Marketplaces covered in this article include:

eBay Australia - Catch - MyDeal - Kogan - Trade Me - Trade Square - Westfield Direct - The Iconic - TheMarket - Amazon Australia.

Fixing connections is usually quick and simple, they are best done by you the seller because you are required to access your Marketplace Account.

Overview & Required Reading

  1. Within Omnivore there are two connection points.  One from your eCommerce Store to Omnivore and one from Omnivore to the Marketplace.   Both must be working and active for the integration to work correctly. 
  2.  You can Connect to the Marketplace & Check The Connection between Omnivore and a Marketplace by navigating to the Settings - Marketplace - General page in Omnivore.  E.g. Settings - eBay Australia - General.  If you think you have a connection issue the first thing to do is click Check Connection on this page.
  3. There are a few types of Connections, mostly Authorisation and API Key.  At times both type may need to be reset or reconnected.
  4. Authorisation Connections require that you click the Authorise Now button which will prompt you to login to your Marketplace Account.  The process of logging connects Omnivore to your Marketplace Store.  This is the case for eBay Australia, Amazon and Trade Me. 
  5. API Key Connections require that you get the API Key from within your Marketplace Account (admin section) and add your API key into Omnivore on the above mentioned settings page.  This is the case for Catch, Kogan, MyDeal, TradeSquare, Westfield Direct, The Iconic
  6. TheMarket Marketplace uses Merchant ID and Dev Merchant ID which consists of two 4 digit numbers that are obtained from your marketplace account and added into Omnivore on the above mentioned settings page.

Note:  after following each FAQ above it is necessary to then Check The Connection as mentioned above in Step 2.  You will know if your connection fix worked or not by using this connection check feature in Omnivore.

Next steps if you cannot fix it yourself

If you have attempted to fix the connection and you are not getting a Successful Connection message in Omnivore please firstly refer back to the FAQ for further information and suggestions.  We have covered common scenarios which may assist you.

If you require assistance from our Support Team please email including any error messages and other information that may assist us.