Kogan First program has been designed to help increase the exposure of your products on the Kogan website.

  • Kogan Members specifically search and filter for Kogan First eligible products
  • Products are eligible for participation in Kogan First exclusive promotions
  • Kogan First is available on both Kogan AU and Kogan NZ

Your products must have the following to be eligible 

  • Free shipping nationwide
  • Offer the greater of $2 or 3% off the non-member price

Omnivore will send to Kogan your RRP, your Sale Price and another price for Kogan First Pricing. 

Here is how the pricing is displayed on the product listing on Kogan:

How to set up

  1. Define the products that you wish to be eligible by creating a Product Group. In Omnivore go to 'Products - Product Groups' in the left-hand navigation menu to create a product group.
  2. Go to Products - Product Actions and click 'Create Kogan First Eligible Product'
  3. Choose if you want this to apply to Kogan AU or NZ Site.
  4. Complete the required fields and choose to either discount by a % or a $ amount. You must provide a minimum of $2 OR 3% off the 'Sale Price' in Omnivore.  See the bottom section of this FAQ below.
  5. As mentioned the Kogan Site field is where you select if you want it for Kogan AU or NZ, our example is for Kogan NZ
  6. Click 'Save'
  7. Read the bottom section.
  8. Go to the Kogan Dashboard and click 'Upload to Kogan'

Important Information on Price Calculation

To determine Kogan First pricing, we apply a minimum of $2 or 3% of the product price, whichever is higher. When using the $2 minimum, the $2 difference must also represent 3% of the price. Based on our findings, this applies to products priced up to approximately $67.00.

When applying a $2 discount to products priced above $68, it is important to note that the higher price will result in the $2 discount not also equating to a 3% discount. In such cases, the discount percentage will be lower than 3%.

For this reason, you will need to create two product groups and two product actions as per below:

  • A product group based on a max price of $67 attached to a Kogan First Product Action based on $2.
  • A product group based on a min price of $68 attached to a Kogan First Product Action based on 3%.

You will know if this is the case if some of your products are working and some still have this error -  validation error = Kogan First price must be at least 3% or $2 off - if you check the product price they are most likely above the price threshold as explained above.