Kogan First program has been designed to help increase the exposure of your products on the Kogan website.

  • Kogan Members specifically search and filter for Kogan First eligible products
  • Products are eligible for participation in Kogan First exclusive promotions

Your products must have the following to be eligible 

  • Free shipping nationwide
  • Offer a minimum discounted price by 5% from your standard price

Omnivore will send to Kogan your RRP, your Sale Price and another price for Kogan First Pricing. 

Here is how the pricing is displayed on the product listing on Kogan:

How to set up

  1. Define the products that you wish to be eligible by creating a Product Group. In Omnivore go to 'Products - Product Groups' in the left hand navigation menu to create a product group.
  2. Go to to Products - Product Actions and click 'create Kogan First'
  3. Complete the required fields and choose to either discount by a % or a $ amount. You must provide a minimum of 5% off the 'Sale Price' in Omnivore.
  4. Click 'save'
  5. Go to the Kogan Dashboard and click 'Upload to Kogan'