This FAQ describes the different ways product and inventory updates are synched between Marketplaces, Omnivore and WooCommerce. 

Ways of Syncing

There are two different syncs to keep your WooCommerce products up to date on a Marketplace. 

1. Product and Inventory updates as they happen in 'real time' 

  • Anytime product data such as price, description, images or inventory occurs in WooCommerce, Omnivore will receive the change in 'real time' and then update that product if its listed on a marketplace. 
  • Depending on which marketplace the product is listed on, Omnivore will update the marketplace 'in real time' or every 15 minutes.  
  • Please note that timing can be impacted by the number of changes happening at anytime between WooCommerce, Omnivore and the Marketplace.

2. Nightly/Weekly Full Product Sync

  • As a default setting, Omnivore is set up to perform a complete sync between your WooCommerce store, Omnivore and any linked Marketplace(s) once every 24 hours, usually at midnight. This can also be scheduled to occur once a week depending on the number of products you have. We recommend a weekly sync if you have more than 5000 products
  • All product details such as images, price, inventory, descriptions, product titles will be updated
  • You can schedule the full product sync to happen more frequently throughout the day by going to Settings - Administration then enter the times you want it to sync in the field 'Refresh product feed at hour' - if you have a large number of products we don't recommend doing this more than twice per day. 

About Manual Sync(s)

If you ever want to trigger a full sync manually, just go to the Dashboard and click 'Import from WooCommerce'.


It is also good practice to set up a stock buffer to prevent oversells if you are concerned about inventory update frequency and velocity of sales.