There are two different syncs to keep your WooCommerce products up to date on a Marketplace. 

1. Product and Inventory updates as they happen in 'real time' 

  • Anytime product data such as price, description, images or inventory occurs in WooCommerce, Omnivore will receive the change in 'real time' and then update that product if its listed on a marketplace. 
  • Depending on which marketplace the product is listed on, Omnivore will update the marketplace 'in real time' or every 15 minutes.  
  • Please note that timing can be impacted by the number of changes happening at anytime between WooCommerce, Omnivore and the Marketplace.

2. Nightly/Weekly Full Product Sync

  • As a default setting, Omnivore is set up to perform a complete sync between your WooCommerce store, Omnivore and any linked Marketplace(s) once every 24 hours, usually at midnight. This can also be scheduled to occur once a week depending on the number of products you have. We recommend a weekly sync if you have more than 5000 products
  • All product details such as images, price, inventory, descriptions, product titles will be updated
  • You can schedule the full product sync to happen more frequently throughout the day by going to Settings - Administration then enter the times you want it to sync in the field 'Refresh product feed at hour' - if you have a large number of products we don't recommend doing this more than twice per day. 

Manual Sync(s)

If you ever want to trigger a full sync manually, just go to the Dashboard and click 'Import from WooCommerce'.


It is also good practice to set up a stock buffer to prevent oversells if you are concerned about inventory update frequency and velocity of sales.