When adding or updating listings on Kogan you may occasionally see listing errors or warnings sent back from Kogan.

The table below lists the most common errors/warning messages from Kogan, and what you can do to resolve them to ensure any affected product(s) are listed successfully on Kogan.


update error: Product with SKU UOG-0050-005 not found
Click 'Upload to Kogan' from the Dashboard to resolve this error. If it persists, contact support.
product_description: Sensitive keyword(s) detected: vibrator. Consider listing this item to sensitive category.
If the product does not belong in a sensitive category please edit your description to remove or change the "sensitive" word in the error message that is blocking the item from listing.
creation error: Unable to process image with url:
Image names that form part of a URL must contain only a special subset of characters: the familiar alphanumeric symbols and standard characters like  - _ ~ 

Unsafe characters can include blank/empty space and " é < > # % | % { } \ ^ . ` , etc
If your image name in your website contains any unsafe characters or spaces, please rename and upload this to your website. When this has been done please go to the Omnivore Dashboard and hit the "Import from ****" button.
category: Category ****************** does not exist
This error is usually when Kogan have made changes to their categories. Please contact support
sku: A product with this sku already exists
You may see this error when you add new products (either in the setup stage or later). Please go to your Dashboard and hit "Upload to Kogan". This error should resolve when your listings go live in Kogan after the second upload but if it persists contact support with specific product examples.
product_sku: Enter a valid 'sku' which does not contain commas
Kogan cannot accept a comma in a sku, please fix the sku data in your website.
product_sku: Ensure this field has no more than 45 charactersKogan cannot accept skus that have more than 45 characters, please fix the sku data in your website.
 Invalid handling days 0
Kogan cannot accept zero handling days in the Shipping settings. Check Omnivore-Settings-Kogan-Shipping and adjust the handling days to be >0