The following is a quick checklist to make sure you're set up to sell on MyDeal.

Connect Omnivore to MyDeal 

  • You will need a Seller ID and Seller Token. MyDeal will provide this when your MyDeal selling account is set up 
  • To add the Seller ID and Seller Token to Omnivore go to 'Settings - MyDeal - General' and enter then at the top of the page, then scroll down and click 'Update'

Choose which products to list

Product Approvals

  • When you first start selling on MyDeal, all products are reviewed and approved before they are live and available for sale. 
  • After you've completed your Omnivore Set Up, there will be a 'Start Selling' link in the top of the Dashboard - click this to send your products to MyDeal.
  • Ask your Account Manager to review your products.  You can email them via


  • If you want to change the price of products you can create a promotion to increase or decrease the price of all products or a group of products.


At a minimum you must have one Default Shipping option. You can set this up in Omnivore under 'Settings - MyDeal - Shipping'. Other options include:

  • Standard and Express  
  • Shipping charged for every unit sold or ONE shipping charge for multiple items of the same unit
  • Location based shipping charges; there are 19 pre-defined zones by postcode across Australia e.g Sydney metro, NT Metro, NT Regional, ACT, etc  
  • Weight based shipping charges
  • Price based shipping charges 

See article Shipping Overview for more information. 

NB: Your Account Manager at MyDeal will need to assist with setting up Rate Tables and Shipping zones  

Stock Buffer

  • Set up a stock buffer under 'Settings - Administration' if you carry low levels of stock and want to reduce the chance of overselling.