Many retailers have promotional type categories on their own eCommerce site such as 'Mothers Day Gifts' or 'Gifts under $50". These types of categories will usually contain a broad range of products - as a result, you can't assign a marketplace category to a retailer category otherwise you will have products listed on the marketplace in the wrong category.

Products with more than one retailer category

  • If a product has more than 1 retailer category and is imported into our system in a 'promotional' type category, you can 'IGNORE' the promotional retailer category. 
  • The product that was in the promotional category will then be reassigned to another category. You can continue to ignore categories until the product sits in the correct category.
  • For example, if a pair of womens jeans is in the below 5 categories, 'Ignore' all categories EXCEPT 'Jeans' then you can assign the Jeans category to the relevant Jeans category on the marketplace. 
    • Mothers Day Sale - ignore
    • On sale - ignore
    • 25% off - ignore
    • Denim - ignore
    • Jeans 

How to ignore a category

  1. On the page where you map by category, in the 'Ignore' column, click the toggle so that it is green.
  2. You can also view and ignore all of your retailer categories by going to 'Products - Retailer Categories' from the left navigation menu.