Managed payments supports an enhanced buying and selling experience on eBay, providing sellers one place to sell and get paid, and buyers more ways to pay. eBay will start to manage payments for most sellers in 2020, with sellers being activated and opted in to Managed Payments from late July 2021 .       

The current My eBay features and tools such as Business policies are fully supported in the managed payments experience. Managed payments is the new way business is done on eBay.


Please read the information eBay have provided on Managed Payments

However, not all sellers will be eligible for managed payments. Certain items are not allowed to be listed by sellers participating in managed payments, even though those items may be allowed on eBay.   Sellers who are participating in managed payments have some additional restrictions on what they can list.

Please read the information eBay have provided on Restricted items and Managed Payments

Benefits to Managed Payments

Managed payments supports an enhanced buying and selling experience on eBay with:

  • More ways for buyers to pay: Buyers can pay with credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Afterpay.  
  • One place to sell and get paid: Sellers can access everything they need to sell and get paid, all on eBay: a single source for fees, customised reports, refunds, simplified protections and dedicated support.      
  • Streamlined operations: Payouts are regularly deposited to the seller’s bank account weekly or as soon as funds are available, based on seller preference. Regardless of how the buyer pays, payouts are consistently available within two business days of an order confirmation.   
  • Simplified fees: Once activated for managed payments, the seller will pay only one final value fee consisting of a category-based percentage of the total amount of the sale plus a fixed fee per order with no third-party payments processing fees. Final value  fees will be from sales proceeds and the rest paid out to the seller’s bank account. Most sellers can expect to see overall savings



Next Steps

  1. Receive your registration invitation from eBay
  2. Visit the PAYMENTS tab in your Seller Hub
  3. Register and verify your account information
  4. Get your business ready for Managed Payments
  5. Receive your activation notification (starting from late July 2020)
  6. Start selling with Managed Payments on eBay

Impact on your Omnivore/eBay LINK Integration

Omnivore / eBayLINK Configuration

Once a retailer has registered for eBay Managed Payments this will be displayed in the Omnivore/eBayLINK marketplace configuration page and replace the need PayPal ID in the eBay General Settings.

To find this, Navigate to Settings->eBay Australia-> General and see below.

Order data

Orders will come through as 'CreditCard' payment type rather than 'PayPal', even if the customer actually pays as Google Pay etc.  This is the same situation as currently, where all payment methods are aggregated behind 'PayPal"

The current PayPal transaction ID format (17-characters alphanumeric string ) will change to a nominated eBay Payment transaction ID.

Reconciliation process

Retailers will no longer be able to reconcile orders based on the PayPal transaction ID and as such will need to download an order reconciliation report directly from the eBay seller hub. 

Retailers may need to amend their current reconciliation processes to accommodate the change. 

Refund management

All refunds will need to be managed via eBay Seller hub as part of the Managed Payments process.

Retailers will need to make sure their PayPal API integrations for eBay are changed to eBay Managed Payment APIs. 

Nothing else will change on the seller’s account or how they manage their business until their account is activated, starting from late July. Sellers will be notified of their activation date well in advance.