We will provide the best support we can:

  • Contact us by email, here via our support portal or phone, email. All requests are reviewed within 24 hours and prioritised according to urgency. We can’t always resolve your request/issue within a time frame though.
  • Please provide as much detail around the problem you have as possible – include details such as product/order examples, SKUs, links to URLs, screenshots etc. The more we know the faster we can help you.

Your support related requests/problems can usually be attributed to either Omnivore, the Marketplace or your own Ecommerce Platform. If the source of the issue is from:

  • Omnivore – we will do our best to fix it and resolve your support request.
  • The Marketplace (e.g. eBay) – we will make best efforts to either resolve the issue through our integration or work with the Marketplace on a resolution. 
  • Your own ecommerce platform/backend systems – you are responsible for your platform and systems. If we identify that the source of the issue is with your end you will need to do your best to fix it. If the issue requires more than 3 hours of technical support from us, we may need to charge an hourly rate to fix it. Examples of this include (but not limited to)
    • Your data doesn’t meet marketplace requirements 
    • Supporting customisations that you have made to your platform(s) 
    • Connectivity to your ecommerce platform
    • Issues caused by other apps/plugins/systems that connect to your ecommerce platform

We try to keep our rates to a minimum to cover costs – if a Developer is required the hourly rate is $200, Technical or Onboarding Support is $90/hour.

Please note:

  • We are not able to make changes to your ecommerce platforms or your marketplace accounts. We make use of online meetings with screenshare to get around this.
  • We will let you know upfront and get approval before we do any work that is paid for.