Essential Pre-reading

Calculated Shipping Explained:

  • This type of shipping needs Weight + Dimensions (width, height, length).  It also means that you can only use Australia Post. Based on the greater of the physical or volumetric weight equivalent eBay will determine the cost of Australia Post shipping based on the location of the buyer.
  • Weight data is standard for products, dimension data is not so you will need to ensure your products have dimensions within your eCommerce Store.

As mentioned, Australia Post Calculated Postage on eBay requires the package weight and dimensions of a product to correctly calculate the postage cost for an item.  

Please check that all products have weight and dimensions in our platform e.g. on the product details page you should see the following:



Note For Shopify Sellers

 Unfortunately, for merchants using Shopify we are unable to import product dimensions via the Shopify API.    

There is a workaround for this that requires the use of Shopify Meta fields. By setting up dimension data through Meta Fields in Shopify (length, width and height values) and mapping them within Omnivore we are then able to send the necessary information that eBay requires.

Please see this FAQ here for steps on how to set up Shopify Meta Fields before you set up calculated Shipping in eBay and Omnivore.

Setup your eBay Seller Area

  1. Log into your eBay seller account in eBay.
  2. Go to Manage Postage settings at where you will see this screen

  3. Click on the Edit link aginst Combined payments (number 1 in the screenshot above). A popup window will open. Tick to enable this option, set the time period that buyers can combine payments over and Save.

  4. Now click on the Edit link against Calculated Postage Rule (number 2 in the screenshot above). A popup window will open. Choose either No discount, Combine all item weights or Combine all item weights and subtract an amount then click Next.

  5. On the next screen select your handling cost rule.
    Note: Option 1, Specify a handling cost when listing your item cannot be used with eBayLink / Omnivore.

  6. Enter the amount you wish to charge as a handling cost. If you do not wish to add a handling charge then enter 0.00.

  7. Click Save.
  8. You will now need to apply your calculated postage rule to the relevant shipping policy in eBay.
  9. Go to your eBay Business Policies page
    Click Edit against the postage policy that you would like to apply your Calculated postage rule to.

  10. Go to the Domestic Postage section, click on the dropdown box and select Calculated: Cost varies by buyer location from the dropdown box.
    Now select the Australia Post service that you wish to use - standard, express, parcel post, satchel, box etc. If you wish to offer the buyer multiple options, say standard and express, then click on Offer additional service and add the next service you want to offer.
    Tick the box against the Apply my calculated postage rule option.
    Enter your handling time.
    Click Save.

  11. Repeat for each postage policy you would like to apply calculated postage to.

Setup in Omnivore

  1. Time to log in to Omnivore and select Settings - eBay Australia - Shipping.
  2. Edit each corresponding Shipping Policy based on what you set up on eBay.
  3. Select the option to enable calculated shipping to Yes.
  4. Leave enable complex shipping to No (this is used for rate tables)
  5. Use the right-hand contextual help ? to check for extra info.
  6. Click Update.

Alternatives to Calculated Shipping

If you want to use weight but not dimensions you can use eBay Rate Tables.

This explains the difference between Rate Tables:

  • Postage rate tables allow you to specify variable postage rates for locations across Australia. You can set postage costs for 100 regions, with up to 40 unique tables per account, specify cut-off times for same-day handling for accurate delivery estimates and give buyers choices with different costs for standard and express delivery.
  • Rate tables are based on weight so the weight we send to eBay is used to determine the shipping cost.  
  • With rate tables you can use any carrier. The setup of your Rate Tables in eBay allows you to enter your own customised shipping prices.