The Catch marketplace only supports the following type of listings:

  • A single product listing i.e you don't need to choose any variations to that product, it is added to your cart as is
  • A product listing where the variation is SIZE i.e when you add the product to your cart you need to choose the size first

Catch does NOT support:

  • Products with custom variations that are NOT size e.g colour, fragrance
  • Products with more than one variation e.g size and colour.

So that Retailers can still list products that have variations in their ecommerce stores, Omnivore will create separate listings - here are some examples:

Note:  this is Category Specific and does not apply to all Catch Categories.  It definitely does apply to the Apparel Categories.

Products with Size and a Custom Variation in your ecommerce store

  • If you have a product in your ecommerce platform with SIZE and another variation for example COLOUR, Omnivore will create a listing for each colour. i.e if you have a T Shirt available in S, M and L and it is available in Red, Green and Yellow, there will be 3 listings on Catch and the buyer can choose the SIZE.

Products with Custom Variations

  • If you have a product  in your ecommerce platform that has variations that are NOT size, Omnivore will create a separate listing for each custom variation. For example if you have a candle in your ecommerce store with 5 different fragrances, there will be 5 separate listings on Catch for each fragrance and the variation name is added to the product title
  • If you have a product in your ecommerce platfrom with 2 custom variations then a separate listing is created for each variation and the name of the variation is added to the product title

For example, in Omnivore, this product has 5 variations coming through from the ecommerce store:

On Catch, this product is listed separately:

Product Images and Descriptions

Images used for Products with Variations

To determine which image is used on the product listing on Catch, login to Omnivore and go to the Products Section. Find the product and click through to the full product details page. Under the section 'Variations' you will see the images we have imported for the product i.e 

Product Descriptions

Since your product only has 1 description in your ecommerce store, this is the description used when the product is listed on Catch even if there are multiple listings to cater for products with custom variations. If the description from your ecommerce store is not appropriate, you can edit the description in Omnivore but it will need to fit all separate listings for each variation. You cannot have different descriptions for different variations even if they are separate listings on Catch.


  • If creating separate listings on Catch for products with variations in your ecommerce store does not work well for your unique product set, you could change the product with variations in your ecommerce store into separate products.