If you don't want to continue using Omnivore, you can suspend your account. You may also see a suspension or restriction message, this FAQ covers more detail on the conditions of suspension and what to do.

Suspending your account

  1. In Omnivore, in the right upper corner, click on your login email address next to the user icon,  go to Account Summary, and click the red button Suspend Account.
  2. You'll be directed to a confirmation page where you have the option of providing a reason for the suspension.
  3. The account summary section is also viewable in the left hand menu under Settings - Account Summary

Conditions when your account may be suspended or restricted

Other than the method above, your account may become suspended, automatically or manually, for the following reasons in this case you will see this message on your Dashboard 'Your account is currently suspended' or 'Your account is currently restricted' .

1. If you are on a paid Omnivore plan, you have to provide appropriate payment details and pay your invoices. Failure to do so will result in your account suspension.

2. If we cannot connect to your eCommerce system for more than 30 days, we assume you're no longer interested and suspend your account.

3. For Shopify and Bigcommerce stores, if you uninstall the app in your store.

4. If we detect any type of abuse from your account.

If you believe your account was wrongly suspended, please contact us.

For Shopify and Bigcommerce stores

As mentioned above, if you uninstall the app your account is automatically suspended.

However, if you install the app again the Omnivore account is made active again, including the billing, if you are on a paid Omnivore plan.