Your description should cover WHAT the product is, WHY a customer would buy your product and WHO your product is best suited for. This will qualify your potential customer and ensure they are buying what they want.

Provide detailed information on the product. If you can answer all of the customers’ potential questions in the description, you will increase conversion and reduce page abandonment.

Acceptable Not Acceptable
  • Product information
  • Product Specifications and Features:
  • Dimensions/Size
  • Colour
  • Material
  • Other specifics of the product
  • Package inclusions
  • Call to action (e.g. buy now!)
  • Pictures/videos in description
  • Returns policy
  • Variant information
  • Additional buying information
  • Shipping information
  • URL links or your contact information
  • Pricing
  • Warranty Information

Product Specifications & Features

This refers to any information that could enhance the searchability of your product.

Such as ;

Physical Specifications: Dimensions, Weight, Material & Colour 

Compatibility: Attachment sizing, compatible brands &products, if applicable

Technical Specifications: All relevant features and capabilities

Regulatory Attributes (Mandatory): Certifications, Regulatory Ratings, Professional Installation Required, Age Classification/Requirements, Other Regulatory Considerations & Requirements, if applicable.

Relevant Exclusions: Additional items needed to enjoy the product or shown in the images

User Guidance: Assembly Required, Age Suitability, Usage Instructions(if not obvious)

Packaging size for bulky items

How can I add more detail to my descriptions in Omnivore?

If you want to change the description for a group of products:

  1. Create a product group - in Catch Feeder / Omnivore go to 'Products - Product Groups' in the left navigation menu and click 'Add a product group'. Complete the criteria or add specific SKUs.
    For more information see How to create a Product Group
  2. Once you have created your Product Group go to 'Products - Product Actions'. Click 'Create detailed description' and complete the required fields.
    1. Make sure you choose the Product Group you created in 1 above.
    2. For the description template, follow the guidelines above around adding/removing text and using the data fields. In this example, the description on eBay will use the description from your eCommerce store followed by 'For a limited time, all products over $200... '

  3. Click Save, then go to the dashboard and click 'Upload to Catch' to make the changes live on Catch.
  4. TIP: If you want to check the description is correct on a product before updating all products, go to 'Products - On Catch'. Search for the product then click through to the full product details page. Scroll down and click 'Upload to Catch'.

To push these changes to your marketplace listings you need to go to your Dashboard and click the Upload to Catch button so that your listings can be updated with the new description information.