Understanding Amazon Listings

For every product sold on Amazon there will only be one product listing page.  The identifier for this product page is called an ASIN.  When you want to sell a product on Amazon you will be adding an 'Offer' to an ASIN.  If the product does not already exist on Amazon then you will create the ASIN as well as the offer.  If the product is already being sold on Amazon by other sellers then the ASIN will already exist and you will be creating an offer against the existing ASIN.

GTINs and Exemptions

Amazon requires a GTIN (UPC / EAN) for products to be listed.   In recent years Amazon has warned that it will only accept UPC / EANs from GS1.  Third party barcodes may be rejected when creating new products.  

If you do not have UPC / EAN codes for your products you can apply for a GTIN exemption from Amazon.  You will need to apply for this exemption in every category that you are wanting to sell in.

You can apply for GTIN exemption, or check if you have GTIN exemption by clicking on the following link and entering the Category and Brand name for the products you are wanting to list:

To understand more about GTINs, UPCs and GTIN exemption you can read more in the following article:

You can check GTIN existence here

ASIN Matching

Omnivore provides an ASIN matching feature.  If the product is already sold on Amazon you can match your listing to the existing Amazon ASIN.

Read more about using this feature here.

Category Mapping

Before a product can be listed on Amazon you will need to specify which category the product should be listed in.  You can find more help on category mapping here.

Some Amazon categories will require approval from Amazon before you will be able to list products in them. To see the list of categories where you will need approval and the process to obtain approval you can visit the following Amazon help page:

Image Requirements

Amazon have a number of requirements for both the main product image and subsequent product images.  You can view the full list of image requirements at the following link:

Marketplace Attributes

When listing products in selected categories some additional information may be required.  For example in the Toys and Games category you will need to provide a Minimum Age for the product.  These additional attributes can be added on the Marketplace Attributes tab.  You can learn more about adding marketplace attributes here.

Suppressed Listings

Sometimes products will show as active and listed but not be visible on the Amazon website to purchase.  This is usually caused by Amazon suppressing the listings.  Omnivore will show the suppressed listing reason as an error on the product.  You can also run the Amazon Suppressed Listings report to get more details on what is needed to remove the suppression.

Other Common Errors

To help with listing issues we have collated a list of common Amazon errors and how to resolve them.  You can view this list here.