Below is a list of some potential issues you may encounter after setting up and listing your first products on the marketplace, along with how to resolve them.

Here is a table of helpful quick links for managing your eBay store- eBay Australia Quick Links Page

List of potential eBay store issues with solutions

Issue: Because you've specified Local Pickup Only for this item, you can't require immediate payment

Solution: Please see the following FAQ

Issue: You're not opted-in to Business Policies

Solution: Please opt-in to use eBay Business Policies, by visiting the following link:

Issue: A return policy must be specified

Solution: Please ensure you have a returns business policy in eBay named "ReturnPolicy".

(Note: it must be named exactly like this in order to work, and is case sensitive.)

Issue: Listing limits have been reached

Solution: In order to list more items, and list a higher total value of items, you'll need to request an increase of your selling limits.

More info on how to do so is available here: 

Issue: Why have my existing eBay listings been ended?

Solution: Please see the following FAQ

Issue: My old/pre-existing eBay orders have been imported into eBayLINK/Omnivore. What should I do?

Solution: By default, when connecting to a new eBay account, our platform will look back for any orders received in the last 30 days. This is to ensure that any existing orders aren't lost.

If however any orders are imported which have already been fulfilled, you can close them off in our platform by navigating to the order page and clicking the "Cancel" button.

Issue: Shopify product images are not showing. Why is this?

Solution: Please see the following FAQ

Issue: Why are my products not showing on eBay?

Solution: The eBay search algorithm can sometimes take a few hours to index and update the cache with products from new sellers. Please allow a few hours for your products to appear in the eBay search results.

Issue: Drop shipping from overseas - item location/shipping service doesn't match seller account address.