Here you'll find details of what you will need to consider before using our platform to sell on

What isn't supported by our platform

  • Auction Listings
    At present, our platform has been built to handle orders for fixed priced items only on eBay.
    Therefore we are unable to support sellers wanting to list items on eBay as Auction listings.

  • Payment methods must be Managed Payments
    All eBay listings created via our platform, are listed to accept payment via , with the Immediate Payment option enabled.
    Any other payment methods (i.e. Bank Deposit, Money Order, Cash on Delivery etc...) are Not Supported.

  • Freight Shipping
    Where buyers request a shipping quote after placing an order. This isn't supported.

What to be aware of

  • Do you have any existing listings on eBay?
    By default, when our platform connects to a new eBay account, any pre-existing eBay listings the account may have are reset to have a quantity of "0".
    This is done to ensure that only products we are aware of (i.e. those we retrieve from your e-commerce platform) are listed for sale on eBay.

    Otherwise, we could potentially receive orders for products we have no knowledge of, which can cause errors and prevent us sending these orders back into your e-commerce platform.
    These type of listings will not be updated with any inventory/price changes, as we have no knowledge of them.
    There is also the risk of creating duplicate listings on eBay for your products.

    If however for some reason you do need to retain your existing eBay listings, it is possible to disable the default behaviour of our platform.

    This can be done by disabling the "End Unknown Products" feature.
    If you decide you need this, please contact our support team HERE before proceeding to list on eBay.

    As mentioned above though, we strongly advise against doing so as it:
    • means any orders for these existing eBay listings, will need to be processed manually on eBay and outside of our platform.
    • can lead to order processing delays.
    • means any price/inventory updates will need to be done manually on eBay.
    • can run the risk of creating duplicate listings on eBay.
  • Listing Price Requirements

            eBay LINK listings are Fixed Price Good til Cancelled.  The product minimum listing price must be >$1.00,  this is relevant if you see this error price is too small. This eBay Help Article cover this.

  • Product Image Requirements
    Products must have an image (minimum of 500px in size) in order to list on eBay.

  • GST requirements
    Our platform assumes that the product prices imported from your e-commerce platform are inclusive of GST.

    For further information please see the following articles:
    - Shopify users and GST
    - Bigcommerce users and GST
    - eBay AU Tax Policy

  • Do you intend to list products under Sexual wellness category?
    If so, your eBay account requires vetting/approval from eBay before you can list.
    Please contact eBay to request this before attempting to list products, as your eBay account may be restricted otherwise.

  • Are or will you be drop-shipping your products from overseas?
    If so you will need to ensure you adhere to the eBay Item location misrepresentation policy.
    eBay requires sellers to be clear and accurate about the location their item will be shipped from.