This error can occur when 1 or more of the default eBay Business Policies are missing.

Our system expects/creates the following eBay Business Policies, named exactly as per below:

Note: The names are case sensitive eg basic not Basic, PayPal not Paypal etc

  • Postage Policy = “basic”
  • Payment Policy = “PayPal” (Note: Immediate Payment Required MUST be ticked/selected.)
  • Returns Policy = “ReturnPolicy”

All three must be "default". 


Note: the eBay Business Policies must be named exactly as above, as it is case sensitive.

To check this, log into your eBay account and go to:

  • My eBay
  • Hover over the "Account" tab and select "Business Policies".
    NB: If you are unable to find a "Business Policies" link, it may be because your account hasn't yet been opted into eBays Business Policies.
    To opt-in to eBay Business Policies please go here: and follow the prompts.

If any are missing, please create and name them as per the above.

Once you have checked your eBay settings you will then need to check your Shipping Policies/methods in eBay LINK.  To do this from your eBay LINK Dashboard please go to Settings, eBay Australia Shipping.  If you see that one of your Shipping Policies in eBay LINK is 'missing ebay business policy' you will need to update or sync policies in eBay LINK so that the changes push to eBay.  Then do and Upload to eBay Australia to update the products to the new policy.