The eBay Markdown Manager tool has a number of requirements/rules that make it incompatible with our platform.

The main reason being: any revision to a listing will remove that product from the Markdown Manager sale. 

As we revise price and quantity information frequently, there is a high risk that products will be removed from any Markdown Manager sale.

Other requirements/rules include:

  • Items need to be listed for seven days before being added to a sale.
  • If you've revised either the item price or postage costs within the past seven days, you won't be able to add the item to a sale.
  • If an item is already in a sale, but you revise either the item price or postage costs, the item is removed from the sale.
  • If a listing is already on sale, you won't be able to add a new sale. For example, if your listing is on a price sale, you won't be able to add a free postage sale to that listing.

A full list of the eBay Markdown Manager requirements/rules can be found here:

Alternatives to Markdown Manager

The Promotions feature in our platform is a great alternative to the eBay Markdown Manager tool.

Further information on the Promotions feature and how to use it can be found here: Promotions Feature