As of 1st of Februrary 2016, eBay requires that sellers who list items in new or manufacturer refurbished condition must include the item's brand, manufacturer part number (MPN), and global trade item number (GTIN) to complete new listings or revise existing listings. A GTIN is either a UPC, EAN, or ISBN.  In this article, where we refer to 'UPC' for ease of reading, this could also be substituted with 'ISBN' or 'EAN'. 

Please refer to eBay's latest requirement changes with regards to product identifiers (watch the video it's quite good).

For listings that are already live without the newly-required values, the next attempt to re-list will return an error, requiring the new information to be entered.

You should ensure that your products have these identifiers in your Bigcommerce/Shopify store so that we can provide them to eBay. If you're selling items that don't have a UPC, EAN or MPN, simply leave the fields blank in Shopify/Bigcommerce. Our system will automatically set the required "Does not apply" values to eBay to satisfy the mandate.

If you see the following error, it means you need to take the associated action:

  • Calvin Klein products have a registered UPC. Please enter a valid UPC that matches your item
eBay has detected that the product you are listing from a well known brand should have a different UPC to the one you are supplying.  You will need to update the UPC at source
  • UPC is wrong length
  • UPC should only contain digits: FSD14-10241
  • UPC has an invalid value of "702411"
UPCs, EANs and ISBNs can only be a specific length, and must only contain numbers. See the following links:
You can check GTIN existence here 
  • UPC is missing a value. Enter a value and try again.    
You are attempting to list a product without a UPC in an eBay category that mandates it.  You will need to add the UPC at source
  • MPN has an invalid value of "DDKENVOY_1800mm x 900mm desk with 1800mm x 600mm return and walnut effect surface". Enter a valid value and try again
  • Invalid data in MPN field, should only contain an alphanumeric ID: #7265BR_new
  • MPN's value of Gift Hamper with an I Love you Message Bear, Fruit, Ferrero rocher and Baci Chocolates. is too long. Enter a value of no more than 65 characters.
  • MPN has an invalid value of "1". Enter a valid value and try again
MPNs are short alphanumeric identifiers for products, and must not exceed 65 characters in length or contain non-alphanumeric characters
  • MPN has an invalid value of "9781908658005". Enter a valid value and try again.
Despite the above, an MPN may still be rejected even if it's clearly the UPC for the item.  This identifier should be placed in the UPC in the source data from the retailer
  • The item specific Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) is missing.

In some cases MPN is required for the eBay category under which the listing has be mapped to. Please enter an valid MPN in your originating store and update the product.