You can create a different price/promotion for the same product/sku for each marketplace however you cannot apply multiple promotions to the same product/sku.
Using this feature will not change the prices on your eCommerce store.



The promotions feature can be used to change the price of your products on a marketplace(s).

  • You can increase/decrease the price by a %, a $ amount, or set the price. 
  • You CAN have a different price for the same product on each marketplace for example, SKU 123 can be $10 on one marketplace and $20 on another. 
  • You CANNOT apply multiple price changes to a product for example, SKU 123 can not have a price increase of 10% plus a price increase of $5.
  • NEW - you can round to the nearest $1 or 10 cents.
  • You cannot create a Fixed Price Promotion and apply it to All Products.  You can apply it to a group of products.

Where to set up a promotion in Omnivore

  1. Navigate to the left-hand menu in Omnivore.

Timing a Promotion

If you want the promotion to start immediately, leave the START DATE  empty. 

If you want the promotion to apply indefinitely leave the END DATE empty. 

Otherwise, enter the dates you want the promotion to be applied.  Please note the dates are based on the local time of the marketplace you choose and the promotion will start/end at midnight.

You are also able to set a specific time for the promotion to start.  Simply enter the activation time (am/pm) (24hr time) and then it will apply upon the next marketplace upload.

Applying a discount

Discount prices by a fixed % (e.g decrease all prices by 10%)

Discount prices by a fixed $ amount (e.g decrease all prices by $13) 

Setting all prices to one fixed price

Use the Fixed dollar amount (e.g set a group of products to a set price of $25)

Fixed price promotions cannot be applied to ALL products, only a group of products.

Increasing the price

You can also use this to increase the price of your products on a marketplace by simply putting a – (negative) before the number e.g to add 10% to all prices put -10 in the percentage field.

e.g to add $10 to all prices put -10 in the Dollar discount field.

Applying a promotion to add a cost for free shipping

You can use this to apply a discount (percentage or $) and also add a cost to cover free shipping to your list price e.g. decrease prices by 20% and add $8 to cover free shipping.

Applying a promotion to All Markets or Selected Markets

To apply the promotion to specific marketplaces, untick "Apply to all marketplaces" and click into the "Choose marketplace" field to select the markets individually. Populate the list by selecting your desired markets one by one.

Click to display the marketplaces.

In the example below we selected 3 different marketplaces

Applying a promotion to all products

Before proceeding please note that it is not possible to apply a Fixed Price Promotion to All Products.  You will see this alert when attempting to do this.

You can apply a percentage or dollar discount (increase or decrease) promotion to all products. If you want to apply the promotion to all products tick the box for 'APPLY TO ALL PRODUCTS LISTED FOR SALE' under the Products heading in the Promotion.


  • If your RRP is greater than the Sale Price, you MUST tick "If a product is already on sale would you like to include it in this promotion?" otherwise the promotion price will not be applied.

Applying the promotion to specific products

If you want the promotion to apply to a selected group of products, then you will need to create a PRODUCT GROUP.

Once the product group has been created you simply assign it to the promotion.

If you assign a product group to a promotion, and then later on your delete that product group for some reason, your promotion will remain but it will revert to be a promotion that applies to all products because the group will be deleted.

Select CREATE or UPDATE PROMOTION to apply the product group.

Apply a promotion to a single product

You can apply a promotion from the Product Page by clicking the Override Sell Price Link under the price.

This will launch the Create New Promotion Page where you can apply the new price based on the instructions above.

Using this method only provides the function to set your price for that one product, hence the SKU is part of the promotion name.

Activating the promotion

Once you have created the promotion, go to ALL PROMOTIONS and click ‘APPLY ACTIVE PROMOTIONS’ – this will push the changes through to the marketplace.

After you click this Apply Active Promotions please take note of the alerts that appear on the screen. These alerts provide confirmation messages to do with when the promotion will be applied.

Also pay attention to the Promotion Page to see Active and Scheduled Promotions.

Promotion Specificity

This info is more an FYI.  If you have several promotions, and some products potentially end up in more than one promotion Omnivore will apply a specificity rule to ensure promotions are applied to exactly match the criteria of the promotion.


The more specific the promotion the greater the specificity.  Example, a promotion that is using a product group is considered 'more specified' than a promotion not using a product group. A promotion that is applying to all SKU's with no product group on one marketplace will have less specificity than a promotion attached to a product group based on brands on that same marketplace.

This does not mean your promotion won't get applied if the promotion is 'less-specified'', it means that we monitor application and changes to ALL promotions using specificity rules to ensure accuracy when applying a price change.

Note:  if you have a promotion that does not actually adjust the price, no action will be applied to the products in that promotion.

Reviewing the promotion

To review that the promotion has been applied to the product/s correctly, navigate to the product page, scroll down to the relevant marketplace section where you will see a Pricing Rule line added with details of the rule that's being applied.

Calculation for NZ Marketplaces

There is a specific calculation method we use when we have to convert from AUD to NZD or vice versa, please see the example below.  Note, all of this is happening in the background and is therefore an FYI only.


  1. Price is AUD $35.95
  2. Take off the AU GST of $3.27 to get AUD$32.68
  3. Apply (NZ Exchange) to AU$32.68 to give you NZD$34.96.  This example used an exchange rate of $1.07.  The exchange rates we use changes daily and can be found in Omnivore under Settings - Currencies - Standard Exchange Rates
  4. Add GST of 15% of $34.96 = NZD $40.20 (*please see note below)
  5. Apply the promotion (eg 5%) to NZD$40.20 which would change the price to NZD$38.19
  6. Price on the NZ Marketplace would be NZD$38.19.

* For Trade Me sellers who have this setting ticked on Settings - Trade Me General, we don't add the tax back on. It will be applied by Trade Me when the listing goes live.

Please also allow slight price variations that may be a few cents here and there, this can happen between us and the marketplaces when currency conversions are applied.


  1. GST is removed from the price.
  2. The ex GST price is converted using the Omnivore exchange rate.
  3. The relevant GST is added back on. (Depends on the Omnivore tax settings as mentioned above)
  4. Any promotion amounts are added or removed.