By default we update your products using two methods.   A complete daily sync and an incremental inventory sync every 20 minutes.  There is now a third method using Webhooks.  If you would like to use Webhooks please follow the specific steps below.  The two default update methods do not require setup by you.  Using Magento Webhooks does require a change.

Nightly Full Product Sync

  • As a default setting, Omnivore is set up to perform a complete sync between your Magento store, Omnivore and any connected Marketplace(s) once every 24 hours, usually at midnight.
  • All product details such as images, price, inventory, descriptions, product titles will be updated
  • You can schedule the full product sync to happen more frequently throughout the day by going to Settings - Administration then enter the times you want it to sync in the field 'Refresh product feed at hour' - if you have a large number of products we don't recommend doing this more than twice per day as inventory updates (see below) will not process when a Full product sync is running.

Inter Day Inventory Sync

  • Omnivore will sync inventory changes throughout the day every 20 minutes (at best) to 60 minutes depending on the number of products you have.
  • Timing depends on the marketplace being updated, the total number of products in Magento and the number of inventory changes you have. For example, if you have around 3,000 products with 200 products requiring an inventory update to eBay this will take around 15-20 minutes and will happen every 20 minutes provided the first inventory sync has completed.

New - Updates Via Magento 2 Webhooks

Using Webhook Updates means that when you change a products on your site a webhook will trigger to Omnivore so that we can update the product when you do.    By update we mean:  inventory, description, image, price, title.

The New Magento 2 Webhooks requires setup that will involve our support team and your Magento development team.  

In order to use Webhooks you have to do the following:

  1. Send us an email to let us know that you are considering using Magento Webhooks. We can assess your current update/syncing logs in Omnivore to be sure Webhooks are the best way forward.
  2. If you do proceed to use Webhooks you will need to update to the latest version of our plugin module, see more info here.  The plugin version that includes the Webhook Functionality is citybeach/omnivore (2.4.1) / citybeach/integration (1.1.13).
  3. Have a technical contact for your Magento site on hand so they can advise and upgrade to our latest plugin version that includes Magento Webhooks.
  4. When the plugin is upgraded you can then reply to our Support Team so that we can make the necessary config changes in Omnivore for you.
  5. Once we complete the Webhook setup in Omnivore your Magento Site will be configured to utilise Webhooks as a product update function.

NOTE:  Webhooks will NOT do the following:

  1. A webhook will not be triggered when you add a new product, the full sync will update newly added products.
  2. A webhook will not be triggered when a simple product that is part of a configurable product is updated.

If you would like to start using Magento 2 Webhooks please contact us for more information.