View the Omnivore Extension in the Magento Marketplace

Installation Via Composer

  1. Please use the composer method by Magento to install the packages is via "composer". 
  2. The Omnivore package(s) for Magento 2.1+ and specific versions required are:
  • Magento 2.3+
    • citybeach/omnivore (2.4.1)
    • citybeach/integration (1.1.13)

Once you have installed the packages you can continue to Connect to Omnivore using the steps below.

If you would like to use the Manual Install method please contact us for setup steps.

Connection To Omnivore & Create Account

Before you continue on this connection step please check the 'Additional Settings' section below.  It is recommended that these Magento settings are checked first.

  1. After the packages are installed you should see 'Omnivore' in the Magento admin page (bottom-left). This link will take you to the Omnivore page on your Magento admin site. 
  2. Click this then click ‘Go to Omnivore’. The "Go To Omnivore" button will then link you to the Omnivore site registration page (or Dashboard once you have registered).
  3. Accept the terms and conditions and click ‘Create account’

If you have any problems connecting to Omnivore, please review these troubleshooting guidelines.

Pre-connection Checks in Magento

Within Magento please ensure the following 5 settings are checked and applied:

In Stores - Configuration please ensure Webhooks has Enabled No.

In System - Check your integration token for the extension.  You should have a Consumer Key - Consumer Secret - Access Token - Access Token Secret.

In System - check the Integrations page, you should see CityBeach Integration

This shows the list of what is approved in the API:

In Stores - Configuration - Services - OAuth check 'Allow OAuth Access Token to be used as standalone Bearer tokens to YES.

Installing on a Test/Dev/Staging site

  • You can install the Omnivore extension to your test/staging version of Magento and create an Omnivore account - always add 'TEST to the end of your retailer name so that we know its a test site.
  • Installing to your test/staging Magento site is just to check that there is no negative impact on your Magento site. E.g load on your magento servers. Omnivore connects via the APIs so we are not adding any custom code to your magento site. 
  • Creating marketplace listings, marketplace set up etc is generally done in production. Some marketplaces have accounts for testing, but not all.
  • When you connect to Omnivore, you will always connect to the production version of Omnivore.
  • You can raise a ticket if you would like a to do a test order from your test Omnivore instance.