This FAQ helps you to troubleshoot when Shopify products have not been imported.

Reasons why all or some of the products have not been imported in Shopify.

This can happen for several reasons, here are the things to troubleshoot:

  1. All product listings need images, thus if the product doesn't have an image it will not be imported.
  2. All products need a description.
  3. The product must be visible on the first import from Shopify. Make sure that in the product page, upper right corner, Visibility has the checkbox for Online Store checked. Also, make sure there's a date in the Publish this product on field (click on the calendar symbol to make the field appear). If you want hidden products to import later see Import hidden products from Shopify
  4. We retrieve your Shopify products based on their association to Collections, thus if the product is not in a Collection it won't be imported. The Shopify Collection becomes the category in our system and is used to associate products to an eBay category.
  5. If Inventory Policy is set to "Shopify tracks this product's inventory", then the quantity must be greater than zero or the product will not be imported.