This FAQ addresses what to do when products imported from BigCommerce have incorrect GST and how to adjust your settings to remedy this.  

How to adjust your settings in BigCommerce to reflect proper GST

It is possible that GST is not configured properly in your Bigcommerce store.

If you sell products that include a GST component, your settings should reflect this.

An example is provided below, please check out the Bigcommerce documentation for more info.

Please check these:

Upper right corner, Setup & Tools -> Tax -> Prices Entered With Tax option (see screen capture)


Check that the correct GST tax zone and rate is defined:

What do do with tax-free products

If you have one or more products that are tax free, the recommended settings are like this:

  1. Enter prices exclusive of tax.
  2. Make sure there's a "Non-Taxable Products" rate and the value is zero (see image above)
  3. Make sure you select Tax Class: Non-Taxable Products in the product details screen:

Basically, you need to follow the advice in the help popup window next to the Tax Class field:

"If this product should not be taxable, you should create a 'Non-Taxable Items' tax class, leave it at 0% for your tax rates and then select it for this product."