Yes, by using eBay's domestic postage rate tables, you can specify variable postage costs for up to 100 different regions across Australia. 

Postage rate tables can provide even more accurate postage charges to buyers. eBay have provided a template designed to help you prepare for postage rate tables.

For more information, and the most up to date FAQ’s on eBay's postage rate tables please see here.

eBay offers sellers the choice between 3 different types of postage rate table, which are: 

  1. Item: The cost is based on your postage service and postage destination, allowing you to charge different rates for locations that are further away.
  2. Weight: A fixed base cost, plus an additional fixed amount per kilogram. This option works well for heavier items.
  3. Surcharge: Add a surcharge to your base postal price, for any destination and postage service.

This first step is made in your eBay seller account

Setting up your postage rate tables in your eBay seller account

You can set your shipping rates by item, weight or surcharge:

  • Item: This option is good for items that have similar sizes and weight, but where you need to set different shipping charges by region
  • Weight: If you want to charge a fixed base cost, plus an additional amount per kilogram. This is calculated based on the weight you provide when listing your item. Weight rate tables work well if you sell a range of items that varies in size and weight
  • Surcharge: Add a surcharge to your base postal price, for any destination and postage service Remember, buyers will see the total postage costs only, not the additional costs.

  1. To begin, select whether you want to create a Domestic or International rate table (Note: International rate tables are not available until sometime in 2019)
  2. Choose a name for your rate table. (e.g "Bulky Items Rate Table")
  3. Next for each of the services you offer, choose your regions and specify how much you want to charge buyers for that service.

    For example, you can offer expedited (i.e. 1 day delivery) from Sydney to Melbourne for $15, but offer free postage for standard delivery.

    Select the service level you’d like to add (e.g. Expedited and/or Standard), click on "Add regions/states", and check the region(s) you wish to add to your rate table.

  4. Next step is to add the cost per item or kg, per region group.
  5. To finish, click the blue ‘Save’ button to save your rate table!


- To offer free postage when using rate tables, enter $0 in the price field, don't leave it blank.

- If you chose the kg weight option, please note that the first weight break is set to 1kg, even if the actual weight of your item is lower.
- If you're opted-in to the eBay Guaranteed Delivery program, you will see an additional column labelled "Speed" when setting up your rate table(s).
You'll need to enter a "speed" (the number of days it will take to deliver to) for each group of regions you've configured if so.

C. Set up your cut-off times

While this step is not mandatory, it’s recommended you set up your cut-off times so eBay can provide more accurate delivery timeframes to your buyers.

To do so:


Check your working days, set the cut-off times for each day then click the "Save" button.

D. Apply the rate table(s) to your eBay listings

Now that you have setup your postage rate table, you need to apply it to your eBay listings.

This second step is made in your eBay Link/Omnivore app

To do so, go back into the dashboard of our platform and:

  1. From the left-hand menu select “Settings → Configuration”.
  2. Click on the “eBay Australia Shipping Options” tab to expand it.
  3. Select the “edit” icon next to the shipping policy named “basic”.

  4. In the “basic” shipping policy, select “Yes” for the “Enable Complex Shipping” radio button and click “Update”.

  5. To apply this change to your products on eBay click the “Synch policies” button.