Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is where you store your products in Amazon's fulfilment centre and Amazon then pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. For details on how this works and how to get set up to use FBA please see Fulfilment by Amazon.


When you use FBA, you still need to create the listing on Amazon - this is where Omnivore can help. With Omnivore, you can create listings on Amazon for FBA.

Existing FBA listings on Amazon

If you already have listings on Amazon that are FBA and were NOT created by Omnivore, you will not be able to edit them via Omnivore. You can however create NEW FBA listings using Omnivore.


FBA = Fulfilled by Amazon

FBM = Fulfilled by Merchant

How it works

  1. When you create a listing on Amazon using Omnivore, it defaults to be created as Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) - i.e you pick, pack and ship the product. 
  2. You can then create another listing for the same product and assign it to be FBA. Omnivore will append _FBA to the existing SKU. e.g if your SKU is ABC123, the SKU on Amazon for the FBA listing will be ABC123_FBA.
  3. A product can be listed on Amazon as FBA or FBM.
  4. In Omnivore you can choose if you want a product to be just FBM, just FBA or both.
  5. The price on an FBA listing is the same as the price on an FBM listing 

Create/manage FBA listings using Omnivore 

  1. In Omnivore, go to Products - Amazon - see Manage Listings section. note here, all listings on Amazon are created as FBM by default.
  2. Search for the product you wish to list as FBA.
  3. Check the tick box and click Modify Selected Products - Then choose what you want to do:
    1. Change all to FBA+FBM - this will list the product as FBA and FBM
    2. Change all to FBA (only) - this will list the product as ONLY FBA
    3. Change all to FBM (only) - this will list the product as ONLY FBM. 
  4. In the right hand side of the table under Price/Status it will tell you if the product is FBM/FBA or both.
  5. Go to the Amazon dashboard and Click Upload to Amazon to create the listings on Amazon.  

This is the flag you will see after the change.

Other Key Points

  1. When you apply the FBA flag to the product in Omnivore that change adds an Attribute to the product in Omnivore. The attribute name is called 'Fulfillment Network' and the options are AFN or MFN.
    1. AFN is Amazon Fulfillment Network (FBA)
    2. MFN is Merchant Fulfilment Network (FBM)
  2. This will appear on the product page under the Amazon Australia Product View - Custom Additional Attributes.  See below.
  3. In Amazon, you will see both products, one with _FBA in the SKU. Once Amazon receives stock for this product the inventory will update and people will be able to purchase

FBA Orders

There is a setting in Omnivore which you can enable under Settings - Amazon Australia - General so that your FBA orders are shown in Omnivore. 

Any orders that are from products listed as FBA are imported into Omnivore but we DO NOT send them to your ecommerce platform. They are shown in Omnivore so you can get a full view of all your Amazon Australia sales.

This is an example of an Amazon FBA Order that we have imported.  Note, it does not have an order ID for Shopify because it will not be sent to Shopify.