Trade Me and Trade Vine do not change the status of orders when we send tracking data to them.  They consider the tracking URL is enough to state that the order is shipped.  But this does not translate to an order status change in Trade Me by Trade Me.  

Trade Runner checks Trade Me for orders every 10 minutes. Once an order has been made on Trade Me, Omnivore imports the order and sends it through to your eCommerce store for you to fulfil.

Omnivore then checks your eCommerce store every 2 hours for a change in order status. Once the order is marked as shipped and a tracking code and carrier is provided in your eCommerce system, our app will be updated and the order will appear as shipped in Omnivore with the Carrier and Tracking Code.

We then send the Carrier and Tracking Code to Trade Me.  But Trade Me does not change the status of the order in Trade Me.  See images below.

As the seller, in the Sold items page on Trade Me, the Trade Me shipped status for orders won't be marked as shipped. Trade Me and Trade Runner does not update this. If they are marked as shipped in your ecommerce store and Omnivore then the item is considered shipped.

However, if tracking information is provided it will be added here. Further, if the courier is Fast way or Courier Post and the tracking number is valid, then the tracking will be updated in the Sold items view on Trade Me and it is hyperlinked to the Courier.

In the 'Items I won' section on Trade Me the buyer will see the tracking reference provided. If the courier is Fast Way or Courier Post the status of the delivery is shown to the buyer. For other couriers in NZ, Australia Post, DHL and other main providers there is a link to the tracking page.

Order Examples 

The two orders below show the following:

The first order below has tracking data sent to Trade Me by Omnivore but the status is not changed, as expected.

The second order in Trade Me was manually adjusted in Trade Me to change the Status, not expected behaviour when using our App.  Using our app you do not need to do this manual change in Trade Me, the tracking data we send denotes a shipped order as far as Trade Me and Trade Vine is concerned.