The instructions below will demonstrate how to add a products country of origin value in Omnivore so it can be sent to the Baby Bunting listing.  Some categories on the Marketplace require the products country of origin.  If you see a product in Omnivore that has that validation error follow the steps below.

Adding Country of Origin

This covers how to apply country of origin by Product (single) and by Category (in bulk).

  1. Navigate to Products - Baby Bunting - Marketplace Attribute Tab.
  2. Search to find the products that need a country of origin value.
  3. Next to the product you will see a country of origin drop down menu in red.
  4. From the drop down select your country.
  5. Once selected move on to the next product.
  6. If you toggle to the Categories button you can do this in Bulk
  7. Click Categories (next to Products on the left)
  8. Click Bulk map.
  9. Apply country of origin in bulk.
  10. Now when you view 'Product Attributes' on the product page in Omnivore and you will see country of origin in the list.
  11. If this does not show a value on the product page under Product Attributes redo the action to add the country.
  12. You can also use a CSV to import in Bulk if all of your products come from the same country.