Omnivore has a range of set up and integration options available. If your eCommerce store is not one that we have an existing app/extension for (we have apps for Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento and Mari) then we approach the integration differently and look for more of a Custom solution based on your eCommerce systems, processes and capabilities.


Key Components

When looking at getting set up with Omnivore there are two key components we need to solve:


  1. Products and inventory – how we can get your product data and inventory into Omnivore, how they are updated and how frequently they are updated.
  2. Orders – how we can get orders from marketplaces back to you for fulfilment and how we can get order status updates including shipment details  such as carrier and tracking code back to Omnivore (to then update the marketplaces).

Possible Solution

Possible Solutions for Products:

  • Google Shopping Feed – Omnivore can ingest a GSF file; you just need to provide the URL of the feed.
  • Manually Upload products via a CSV file.
  • Schedule Omnivore to fetch a product file (e.g CSV, XML, JSON format) from an SFTP site.
  • Use the Omnivore V2 APIs.

 Possible Solutions for Orders:

  • You can manually download orders and upload shipping updates within the Omnivore user interface.
  • Use the Omnivore V2 APIs.
  • Schedule your system to fetch an order file (e.g CSV, XML, JSON format) from an SFTP site.
  • Schedule Omnivore to fetch shipment updates via a file from an SFTP site.


Please note: You can use a combination of the different solutions available for Products and Orders e.g. you could use a Google Shopping feed for Products and the Omnivore V2 APIs to get your orders.



For assistance to get set up, our Onboarding and Set Up specialists are $120/hour.

If Development is required, our Developers are $250/hour.


Hours required vary and depend on the solution recommended. 

To get started, we do a 30 minute scoping call first to determine the best solution for you based on your business goals and your existing systems/processes and capabilities that you have. After this, we are able to recommend a solution that will work for you.