Product Approvals

Before your products will list on Baby Buntings their onboarding team will go through a manual approval process.  They will check for product compliance and regulations, brand, variants, UPC, images and other product data.  

This means we will upload your products form Omnivore but new products that are not approved may not show as a live listing instantly.  They will be pending approval.  

The best person to contact about this is your Baby Bunting onboarding specialist.  Omnivore does not handle product approvals.

If something else is required to approve and list the product it will show as an error in Omnivore or the Baby Bunting team will be able to provide more clarification on what is needed to get the products listed.

To sell and list on Baby Bunting it is suggested that you understand their unique compliance and listing rules.

Start Selling on Baby Bunting Marketplace.

Your onboarding specialist and account contact at Baby Bunting will provide you with some of the following pieces of information:

Ensuring these key requirements are in place helps to get products listed quickly.