This FAQ covers what you need to know about customer email addresses on Baby Bunting and possible workarounds using Shopify.

Baby Bunting marketplace email policy

It is the policy of the Baby Bunting Marketplace to NOT provide sellers with the email address of any buyer when an order/sale is made. 

If your eCommerce store requires an email address

If your eCommerce store requires an email address (e.g BigCommerce) then you can set one up in Omnivore so that all orders are sent with the Baby Bunting Order ID followed by your domain name as the email address.

  1. Go to 'Settings - Baby Bunting - General'
  2. In the Default Order Email field enter ${order_id}@<yourdomainname>. For example ${order_id} You can also use ${order_id} if you do not want to use your own domain name for the orders.
  3. Click Update Settings

NB: This will only apply to all new orders once this setting is activated. Any orders that have failed to send to your eCommerce store for not having an email address will need to be fulfilled manually.

Shopify Users please note

Shopify creates "Customers" using the email address associated with each order. If you choose to put a fixed email address into the Default Order Email field in Omnivore all Baby Bunting orders will become associated with the same Shopify Customer Name in your Shopify admin. While the orders in Shopify will display the correct shipping address and shipping name all orders will belong to the same customer name associated with the first Baby Bunting order received by you.

Shopify workaround

The only workaround is to use ${order_id}@<yourdomainname> or ${order_id} so that every order has a unique email address and a new Shopify Customer is created each time you receive an order from Baby Bunting.