Our system sometimes raises internal alerts that will appear on your Amazon Dashboard, this specific alert has to do with an issue with the actual Amazon Seller Account.

The flow on is that we see alerts and potential fail points.

Typically it can mean that the Amazon Seller Central account that have been sitting dormant for sometime.

The error you will see on the Dashboard is:

There's a problem connecting to your Amazon account which is impacting your orders. Please see this article to resolve.

Next Steps

  1. Check your Amazon Account Information in Seller Central, specifically check that the Amazon selling account is 'Professional' and that your listings show as active.
  2. Re-enter your payment information.  Even if already entered, this triggers a new review of the account which will reactivate it within 24-48 hours.

If the above has not fixed the issue you can do the following steps as advised by Amazon:

The issue lies in the seller account, not the app or app or feed payload. The customer needs to contact us directly for assistance with this. They should reach out to developer support specifically:

Mention that their account is 3PDeactivated status. The support team will be able to help them redrive their account. After 24 hours feeds will be accepted again.