This article covers the types of CSV integration that are managed and supported by Omnivore.  It outlines a full setup guide for each type of CSV.  

Creating a CSV Integration.

Covers - Manual CSV Upload + HTTP, FTP and SFTP.

Please read all of the content below.  Depending on what type of feed delivery you select, the setup flow will change slightly, however completing the main setup process is essential in all cases.

General Setup Selecting Manual CSV

  1. Navigate to the Omnivore Server URL, (eg NOTE - Only use M1 if this is required (ie Coles acc) due to traffic on this server.
  2. On the right tile under New to Omnivore enter your email address and click Register.
  3. Complete all fields on the account signup screen and hit Next.
  4. Be sure to select Product Feed Type = CSV.
  5. Accept Terms and Conditions.
  6. In the 'How do we get your feed choose - Manual Upload, http, ftp or sftp.

    For SFTP, chose manual to start unless you have SFTP details (unlikely). You can choose manual and then edit the account to be SFTP later. See

  7. Using 'Manual Upload' Process:  as per the image below choose your file to upload, you can download some example files provided.
  8. Click Next.
  9. After you click next you will be taken to the Field Mapping Screen. Drag and Drop your fields on the left to the Omnivore fields on the right.  The four fields in Red must be mapped so we can import your products.
    These can be adjusted later, but it is best to have these mappings correct now as the initial import will build the products.
  10. Click Finish.
  11. You will next be asked to add your Marketplace of choice, in this example, we will add Catch.
  12. Complete all of the fields and click Next.
  13. At this stage you can connect to Catch Marketplace or click Next and connect later.
  14. Click Next, select your default Shipping Type and click Finish.
  15. Select your Top Level Categories and then click Next to continue to the Dashboard where you will be prompted to add your Credit Card details.
  16. Add you credit card details and hit submit,  billing will commence after your 30 day free trial.
  17. You will see this screen below once your details have been accepted.
  18. Click the Dashboard button on the top left and click the Marketplace Tab. Click the Import from CustomPullCSV button to import your products from your file.

General Setup Selecting HTTP, FTP and SFTP

  1. As per the image below, complete the fields in the section instructions above covering 1-6.  
  2. In the How do we get your feed drop down select HTTP, FTP or SFTP.
  3. You must add a feed file URL and then click Next.
  4. Username and Password is optional and can be added later.
  5. For SFTP you can complete these steps yourself but you will need to contact our Support Team, see additional instructions below.
  6. This example below is HTTP.
  7. You will see this screen momentarily
  8. Then you will see this Field Mapping Screen.  Scroll up and continue to follow all of the steps from Step 9-18

For SFTP Feeds

See for SFTP folder setup.

  1. If the feed type is SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) there are some setup steps that we complete for you, this includes an account that we setup on our SFTP server.
  2. If you are selling on AU and NZ Markets we will set up two connection accounts.
  3. We will also need a Product Feed File and Inventory Update File from you.
    Example CSV File for Simple Products
    Example CSV File for Multi Variant Products
    Example Inventory is attached below.
  4. The ideal naming format would be with a date added to the beginning or the end of both file names so we can track file changes.  e.g. instead of using product-feed.csv you could use product-feed24-11-2022.csv
  5. Once we create the SFTP accounts and you have successfully connected you will need to drop the files into the SFTP folder.
  6. Please send us the exact name of each file when this step has been completed by you or your team.
  7. In most cases, these Integrations are Assisted and Managed by our Integration team so they are here to guide you through the process.