You can import your tracking information in Omnivore using a CSV file.  Please follow the steps below as a guide.

Steps On Using CSV

  1. In Omnivore navigate to Orders - Stock Management - Dispatch.
  2. Click 'Download example CSV file'.
  3. Complete the CSV, by adding your relevant data.   Note the first column is called 'Order number', if the example file has a marketplace name just remove it and use the Order number only.
  4. The 4 column names in the CSV are: Order number, retailer order reference (note this is your internal order reference or retailer order id), carrier, and tracking number.
  5. Save your file locally as a CSV, on the Dispatch tab click Upload Shipment CSV to import your completed CSV file.
  6. Once the file has been uploaded a job will be triggered in Omnivore.
  7. Allow a couple of minutes for this to process depending on the file size. The orders will now have the updated tracking information added to them, which will be visible on the order page in Omnivore.
  8. If you navigate back to Order, All Orders you will see the orders there in a Shipped Status. This information will then be uploaded to your marketplace/s.

More Information

We have included an example CSV file below, be sure to remove the dummy data on the first row.  If you require assistance don't hesitate to get in touch with our Support Team including the file you used to upload the data.