When adding or updating listings on the TheMarket you may occasionally see listing errors or warnings that TheMarket send back to us.  These errors will appear under the listing errors, fix it now section on the Dashboard and also on the Products - On TheMarket - Listing Errors Tab when using the left hand menu navigation.  

The exact error will also appear on the top of the product page and will not clear until fixed.

The table below has the most common error/warning messages from TheMarket including what you can do to resolve the error ensuring your products list successfully on the marketplace.

Please note this FAQ is being updated and edited regularly as we see new errors.  If you do see an error that is not included please let us know so we can add it in for you.


Invalid SKU has IsOverride set and is already Inactive status, cannot change status via ChannelThis error appears if there is an override set on the product within TheMarket.  If you see this error please reach out to The Market Support Team with the example product and they will make a change to clear the error.
Pending Activation in the MarketplaceWe have a specific FAQ and fix for this error.  Please follow this link here.