Logging in

Most users should be able to login to Omnivore from your ecommerce store.  There are some exceptions, please read on.  

Two access methods:  From Inside your eCommerce Store OR Direct Login to Omnivore.

  • For Shopify: Login to Shopify, in the left hand navigation - go to Apps 
  • For BigCommerce: login to BigCommerce, in the left hand navigation - go to Apps - My Apps
  • For Magento: Login to your Magento admin, in the navigation bar click on Omnivore, then 'Go to Omnivore'
  • WooCommerce - if you have installed the Omnivore WooCommerce Plugin, login to WooCommerce, Go to 'Omnivore' in the left navigation menu, click 'Go to Omnivore'
  • WooCommerce (without the plugin) go to the URL provided e.g or and enter your email address and password. Click 'Forgot Password' if you can't remember it.
  • All Custom Integrations and Maropost:  go to the URL provided e.g or and enter your email address and password. Click 'Forgot Password' if you can't remember it.  The URL you use to login will be the same one you use when you completed the registration.

You will be logged out of Omnivore if you have not used it for 60 minutes or if we do a software release/update.

Logging in after being logged out

If you are logged out of Omnivore and want to login again, you will need to:

  1. Logout of Shopify/BigCommerce/Magento 
  2. Login to Shopify/BigCommerce/Magento
  3. Open Omnivore from the apps section, as per above
  4. If your store is WooCommerce, Maropost or some other custom integration, login again via the URL provided.

Shopify/BigCommerce: What if it doesn't work?

Your Omnivore account is created when you first install the Omnivore app and it is the email address of the store admin, as defined in your Shopify/BigCommerce store.

The automatic login to Omnivore might not work in certain circumstances, for instance if the same email address is the admin for multiple stores, if you're logged in with a different user than the admin in your Shopify/BigCommerce store, etc.

If you are in this situation, it is possible to obtain a direct login to Omnivore. Contact us clearly stating what email address you'd like to use as a login to Omnivore and for what store and we will setup a direct access logins to our account/dashboard.

Forgot password doesn't work

This feature will only work if you have a direct login to Omnivore as explained above. 

It will not work if your account uses the automatic login by launching from your Shopify or Bigcommerce store.  To access Omnivore again you will need to follow the steps in 'Logging in after being logged out'.