Pausing your integration

You can change the status of your integration under the Settings - Marketplace Name - General page.

Scroll down to the Integration Status section and click Pause.

You can Pause if your status is 'Active' or in 'Setup'.

Note:  pausing does not suspend billing.  It does pause all activity, updates, feeds and syncing.  

Unpausing your integration

You can unpause your Integration on the same page as per above.  If you unpause it it will go back into 'Setup Mode' and will remain in 'Setup Mode' until your hit Start Selling, it will then be Active.

If your integration was Active (you had hit start selling) and you Pause your integration, unpausing will revert it back to Setup Mode again, you will then need to hit Start Selling.

Setup status

When your integration is in Setup Mode it is not updating to the Marketplace.  But it is updating from your eCommerce Store via the import feed.  You will remain in Setup Mode until you hit Start Selling.

Unlike Pause Mode where no updates happen.