This FAQ is a guide to the new Trade Me Shipping Templates. We suggest reading it in its entirety for better understanding shipping templates.

Setting up Shipping Templates

You can set this up by navigating to 'Settings - Trade Me - Shipping' in Trade Runner. This guide also has the steps to follow.

How the new template helps

This template will allow you to provide more clarity over delivery times and total cost of purchase throughout the buying journey. This should lead to a better experience for buyers, and a higher conversion rate for you.

Boost in Search

The boost in search will be determined based on the price and type of shipping options that you provide – the better experience you provide for buyers, the higher you’ll appear in search results. Any promotional extras you purchase will still work as normal and won’t be negatively impacted.  

Buying Premiums

This boost in search results works quite differently to premium products, and using one doesn’t reduce the need for the other. They’ll work best for your listings when you have both.  

It’s pretty complex behind the scenes, but to try and simplify how this works – our algorithms are designed to return the listings that most closely match what our buyers are searching for. The new shipping templates allow us to display shipping time estimates to Buyers, helping them find products that best suit their needs. So listings with this information will get an additional boost in the search results. This is on top of the benefit you already get from our premium products. 

Risks of showing delivery estimates -things to consider

These estimates are just that – estimates. However, we encourage you to apply this template to best offer realistic expectations to buyers. It’s not an absolute promise it will arrive within this timeframe but if you’re concerned, it might be better to opt for an option that provides more flexibility. As always, if negative feedback is placed unfairly Trade Me is happy to review this and consider it against our policy. 

Cart functionality

Our existing ‘combined free shipping for cart’ and ‘multiple quantity’ options will still work as they currently do.

Matching correct shipping address on the buyer side

These changes will allow us to start better matching the shipping options you provide to buyers, and begin solving some of these problems for our sellers. 

Search-ability of my listings

The template enables us to highlight shipping costs and estimates in search. We know from our research that this is better for buyers and helps reduce decision making complexity. Sellers who are offering good shipping options will be boosted within relevant searches and we expect that we will tweak this over time to improve the buyer experience. We will not be charging sellers for using shipping templates in the future.

Including extra info on shipping templates

Our new shipping templates aren’t currently able to support free-text due to the way the shipping information is shown in search results (buyers let us know when searching what area they’re in and we show the appropriate shipping cost). You can include any extra information in product descriptions.

Stating delivery times

Unless you know for sure there’s going to be a significant delay, we’d recommend filling in this section to reflect the delivery time you’d usually expect.

'OTHER' carrier option

The options provided should cover all of the common carriers in New Zealand. If you do need other options, just select the ‘OTHER’ carrier - this won’t be displayed to buyers. 

International sellers

If you're an international seller i.e shipping products from outside of New Zealand you should select 'OTHERS' for your shipping template.