Effective from the 14th of February, 2022 the following changes will apply to our Customers who use the Omnivore Shopify App 

Whats Changing?

  • The current pricing plan for Omnivore via the Shopify app is USD$74.95/month or 1% of sales across all marketplaces (excluding shipping charges), whichever is greater. 
  • Until the 14th of February 2022, the 1% of sales has been capped at $500/month since it was first set up in 2015 due to restrictions within Shopify which prevented us from billing the full amount.
  • Shopify have since removed the billing restrictions and we are moving the Shopify pricing plan to be in line with our other Omnivore pricing plans which do not have a capped amount.
  • From the 14th of February, the 1% monthly usage charge based on orders will no longer be limited to $500/month on the Omnivore Shopify plan.

How will this impact me?

If your sales across all marketplaces are LESS than USD$50,000/month

  •  you will continue paying the minimum monthly amount of USD$74.95/month and the cap will not impact you.

If your sales across all marketplaces are GREATER than USD$50,000/month

  • Your previous invoice(s) were capped at $500/month. If you continue to have sales over this amount, the 1% will no longer be limited to $500/month and an invoice will be generated for 1% of all sales.
  • We will require you to re-approve the Omnivore subscription in Shopify; this only takes a minute or so and we will contact you when you need to do this.
  • Shopify still require a maximum monthly value which can be charged to your Shopify account to be specified on the billing plan, this has been lifted to $2500/month. Should you reach this limit we will contact you to discuss alternatives.

Why is this happening? 

  • It enables us to continue investing in our services by bringing more marketplaces and features to increase your sales and improve Omnivore for you, our Customers.

Do I need to do anything? 

Not yet, we will contact you if you need to do anything.