Marking an Order as Refunded in Omnivore does NOT refund the order in The Iconic or your platform. The "Mark as Refunded" option for an order in Omnivore will stop any updates being made to the order in Omnivore, your eCommerce platform or The Iconic. Cancelling/Refunding an Iconic order in your eCommerce store will NOT refund the buyer, the refund/cancellation must be done directly within the Iconic SellerCenter.

How to cancel and refund an order in the Iconic

Please see this link for more detailed instructions from the Iconic about how to cancel and handle orders

Cancel the order in your eCommerce Store

Canceling the order in your eCommerce store will NOT refund the buyer. As Omnivore does not handle or send the actual payments for the Iconic orders to your eCommerce store it is not possible to refund directly from there.

The cancellation in your eCommerce store is purely done for accounting/inventory/reporting purposes if desired.

The cancellation process will vary depending on what eCommerce platform you are using.

How to mark the order as 'Refunded' in Omnivore

Go to Omnivore

Go to "Orders" in the left-hand navigation and click "All Orders"

Find the order which you have refunded and click through to the page in Omnivore which holds the order information

Click 'Mark as refunded'