If you have existing listings on Amazon you can link your products on Omnivore to their corresponding listings on Amazon. In order to accomplish this, you will need your Amazon listing ASIN. The listing ID on Amazon is called an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). It is a ten-digit alphanumeric code that is unique for each product and is assigned when you create a new product in Amazon’s catalogue. 

If you are selling a product on Amazon that already exists on Amazon by another Seller then there will only ever be one ASIN or one product listing for that product. The first seller to create the listing determines the images, product title, description etc. 

When Omnivore pushes products up to Amazon we check to see if there is an existing ASIN based on your GTIN (EAN or UPC). If there is an existing ASIN, Omnivore will link up to that ASIN. If we cannot link to an existing ASIN we will create a new listing. 

The 'Link to Amazon ASIN' feature in Omnivore enables you to search for an ASIN or if you know the ASIN you can enter it to link directly to an existing listing. 

Note: ASIN's should only ever be linked to one product SKU in Omnivore. i.e. you cannot have two different products or variations linked to the same ASIN or you will have errors and/or order issues.

Find your ASINs in Amazon  & Omnivore

You can also find product ASIN's by simply using the search box on Amazon’s homepage. Once you've found a corresponding product, go to the product page and scroll down to the Product Information > Technical Details section. You will find the ASIN data in this section as shown on the following image:

NEW:  Also in Omnivore you can Export Your Products to CSV, this CSV file has a column for ASINS that we have in our system.

Go To Products - Amazon - Manage Listings and use Export CSV on the right.

This is a good way to check in Omnivore which SKU's are assigned to.

  1. In Omnivore, go to 'Products - Amazon Australia - Manage Listings - Link to ASIN Tab'. 
  2. You will see a table of your products - the left column shows your products in Omnivore. The middle column shows the ASIN the product is linked to on Amazon. The third column shows you the actions that are available for these products.
  3. Note: Use the Search Status drop-down fields to filter the products you want to check and/or link. And use the left-hand product select and Modify Selected Product Menu to verify in bulk.
  4. Use the filter by SKU/product name to find products, note you can also search by UPC in this field.
  5. If the ASIN is correct, click Verify Link to ASIN. To check the listing, simply click on the green ASIN Number link in the Amazon Listing column (see image above). This will open the listing on Amazon where you can verify that this is the correct product. Click on the Assign button to save the settings for this product. 
    1. If the ASIN is NOT CORRECT, you can search for a new one OR enter the ASIN if you know it.  
    2. Click on the 'Search for an ASIN on product title' field (see image below) and Omnivore will search Amazon based on the ASIN and Product title. It may take a few seconds for the search to provide results.
    3. Alternatively, enter an ASIN in the field titled Enter ASIN (see image below) and click 'Assign'.
    4. If an ASIN that we have linked to is NOT correct and you don't know or can't find an ASIN to link to, BLOCK the product from Amazon. To block the product on this page, tick the Block product check box (see image below) and click on the Assign button. This will block the whole product including all variants.

Once you have approved or entered a new ASIN on all the products, return to the dashboard and click the 'Upload to Amazon' button so that these products are updated with the linked ASINs.

  1. Using the steps above to find a product that is already LINKED you can also Unverify the Linking to an Amazon ASIN.
  2. If your product can be unlinked you will see the green Un-verify link to ASIN option.
  3. Tick the box on the left to select the products and click the Un-verify option.


The Four Status values you will see are:

Not Listed | Linked and Listed on Amazon | Listed But Not Verified | ASIN Verified

Need ASIN Verification Message on the Dashboard

If you can see the below information in Omnivore on the Dashboard it does not always mean that you need to Verify ASIN's.

Unless your listings have other errors, if they are showing under ASIN verification they will still be live on Amazon.  See the final section of this article.

The ASIN verification is used so retailers can confirm that they are happy with the ASINs that the products are listed against on Amazon.  Listings will automatically link to an ASIN using the UPC code but sometimes you may discover the ASIN on Amazon has the wrong UPC code associated with it or they have the wrong UPC code against their product data.  The verification step is so retailers can see which listings they have confirmed are linking to the correct ASIN.

Key Points and Actions

  • It's best practice to check that each product has been linked to the correct ASIN, looking at the image will help but it is always best to click on the ASIN link to view the listing.
  • Remember that verified and linked products will still appear on this page after you have completed the linking process. Listings that are complete will show the following message in the Amazon Listing column (Linked and Listed)
  • New products that still need to be verified, use the filters at the top of the page. Click on the Status drop down list, select the Not listed option and click on the Go button (see image below):
  • You can skip the 'Verify link to ASIN' step for each product and instead focus on the products that do not have an ASIN linked - Search by Status 'Not Listed' at the top of the page to find those products most impacted.
  • You will need to use the ASIN linking if:
    • In the case Amazon has an incorrect UPC or your UPC is not correct
    • If you have a UPC exemption and you want to link it to an existing ASIN
    • You use the 'not listed' search and you want to link to an existing ASIN so your products will list.
    • Amazon has more than one ASIN linked to the same UPC.

Import ASIN Using CSV Instructions

  1. From the ASIN linking screen you can click Import ASIN, make sure you have a pre-prepared CSV.
  2. The pop up message will look like this:
  3. Create a CSV with the following column names: seller-sku and asin1.
  4. Add the Omnivore SKU in to seller-sku and the ASIN into asin1.
  5. If you have variants the seller-sku will be the Omnivore SKU + Retailer Ref (variant SKU).  Check what this looks like on any product page in Omnivore, see below.  In the field on the CSV you would put a hyphen between the SKU and Retailer Ref.
  6. Ensure your CSV data is correct.
  7. Save the file and import into Omnivore.
  8. If you find that it does not work for some reason and you contact Support, make sure you send us the CSV you used so we can check it for you.