What is Omnivore Analytics?

Omnivore Analytics is a new add on via your monthly subscription to boost your sales analysis and provide key data to get the most from selling on marketplaces and your Omnivore experience.

With Omnivore Analytics you'll be able to:

  • View the performance of all your marketplace selling accounts in a single dashboard.
  • Eliminate the need to access each of your seller accounts individually to get the data you need.
  • Cover all aspects of your business including sales, profitability, marketing, Seller Health and more with our intuitive dashboards.
  • Enjoy easy to use reporting giving you quick and easy access to insights that you can take hours to prepare.
  • Avoid the inaccuracies of manual reporting and enjoy insights at your fingertips in real time.
  • Get up and running in seconds with our easy Setup Wizard.

How to activate Omnivore Analytics

  1. Log in to Omnivore
  2. From the Dashboard click the green ‘Activate Now’ button on one of the new greyed out Omnivore Analytics sections
  3. Click Activate Analytics on the Omnivore Analytics page
  4. Follow the steps to sign up and add your marketplaces

Watch the video below to see our simple and quick set-up process!


Sign up now for 2 months free trial. After your trial, Omnivore Analytics will be added to your next bill, pro-rated to match your next monthly billing date. You can cancel before you are billed through the settings in Omnivore.

Pricing for Omnivore Analytics is $69.95 AUD per month excluding GST for all eCommerce platforms except Shopify, which is $49.95 USD per month.


For support with Omnivore Analytics you can:

  1. Email or,
  2. Book a call here

if you have a query regarding billing please submit a ticket here.