Before you start setting up THE ICONIC there are several factors to consider: 

  • THE ICONIC is a curated marketplace, all sellers must get approval to sell on THE ICONIC and all listings that you submit to THE ICONIC will go through an approval process.
  • Image requirements - there are strict guidelines on imagery which must be met
  • Product data requirements - there are a number of product attributes and values which THE ICONIC require and it varies depending on the category you are selling products in
  • Whilst we try to limit our charges and like to provide self-service options as much as possible for those Retailers who prefer to do things themselves, there is an Onboarding fee due to the effort involved in setting up THE ICONIC.

Data Requirements

THE ICONIC has higher data requirements than many other marketplaces - without the correct data with the exact values, your products will not be approved to be listed on THE ICONIC.

Whilst product attributes and their values vary by category. the following is a simplified list of the mandatory attributes that you are required to provide:  

  • Age group e.g adult, baby, teen, teen
  • Brand - this is imported directly from your brand/vendor website field.
  • Care label - 255 character limit
  • Colour (this is automatically added if your variants have colour, otherwise you will need to provide it)
  • Composition 
  • Gender e.g female, male, unisex
  • Season e.g Core, Summer 21
  • Size e.g XL 
  • Weight must be a number
  • Year - the year it was made e.g 2010 to 2022

Please note:

  • The values above are provided as examples. The exact list of required attributes and acceptable values is provided in Omnivore.
  • There are some other mandatory attributes but Omnivore is able to provide/calculate these for you to make it easier.  
  • There are also optional attributes.
  • Depending on your eCommerce platform, you can either add these attributes and values or you can add them directly into Omnivore via a CSV upload or select from drop downs via our Marketplace Attributes Feature.

Image Requirements

For the full details about images that THE ICONIC require, please see the Seller Centre Image Briefs. Generally speaking, your images should be the following: 


  • Canvas Size - Wholesale 2362(w) x 2362(h) PX, 300 DPI
  • Canvas Size - Marketplace 1600(w) x 2000 (h) PX , 300 DPI

Colour profile: 

  • working RGB, sRGB
  • Background colour GREY 230.230.230

File size:

  • Image files must be no more than 2MB for upload

Model Usage:

  • All models must be approved by The Iconic before shooting

Please note:

  • By default, Omnivore imports images from your eCommerce store and uses them on your marketplace/s integrations. If your images on your eCommerce store don't meet THE ICONIC requirements, we will discuss the options available to upload or add additional images into Omnivore with you when we set up THE ICONIC.


For more specific category and content guidelines, rejection reasons and image retouching go to THE ICONIC Seller Center Image and Content Guidelines

Set Up Costs

There is an Onboarding fee due to the effort involved in setting up THE ICONIC. 

  • Shopify: USD$450 ex GST
  • BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, Maropost AUD$600 ex GST

Setting up Omnivore to sell on THE ICONIC

As part of the onboarding fee we will work with you on the following; 

  1. Connecting your store to THE ICONIC
  2. Colour mapping
  3. Category mapping
  4. Setting up Product Attributes
  5. Resolving product errors
  6. Adding additional images
  7. Size mapping
  8. Setting up tracking and carriers

Please note:

  • There are a number of tasks that you will need to do such as providing the data for the Product Attributes, if you need help with getting the data together we work with agencies that can help you generate additional product attributes.